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Feb 15

Martha Stewart:
Celebrity Mom

Martha Stewart is the quintessential Old Fashioned Mom. Having achieved enormous success through merchandising, broadcasting, publishing, and electronic commerce her name is synonymous with quality and affordability with Mothers everywhere.

She has written numerous best selling books and is the publisher of the Martha Stewart Living magazine, and hosted two long running syndicated television shows. So much success….however, it is Alexis, her only daughter and grandchildren that she speaks of whenever we see one another. Her eyes light up with pride when telling stories of what they are doing currently, or where they are going…as they spend a lot of time together as a family.

Recently they were in Palm Beach, as was my family….and Martha and I ran into one another at a fabulous tea shop, it was so delightful to hear her enthusiasm as she discussed the beach and fun adventures they all were having. I love Martha as she is a true Mother and Grandmother 100 percent of the time!

We here at Old Fashioned Mom are proud to introduce Martha Stewart as our sixth Celebrity Mother!

Martha Stewart and Michelle-Marie Heinemann
Michelle-Marie Heinemann and Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart OfficesAs I walked into Martha Stewart’s headquarters for Living Omnimedia Inc. I was immediately greeted with the warmth of the sunshine and light spilling in from the walls of windows that surround the gigantic space. The light is unbelievable and the building overlooks the Hudson River which is quite inspirational for the media and merchandising empire that Martha has created.

Her office is down a long sunlit hallway and there we discussed her role as a Mother and now Grandmother. Martha has one daughter and her name is Alexis Stewart, she is a television host and radio personality that graduated from Barnard College. She is also a Mother with two adorable children, Jude who is 4, and Truman who is 3.

Of all the stories Martha told, I love the one most of her sewing for her daughter when she was little. Making little play dresses and clothes she could wear to school. I find this so endearing, as my Mother sewed for me and my sisters as well and there is a tremendous amount of love that goes into creating something by hand.

Traveling together and spending as much time as possible are top priorities for Martha. Recently Alexis took second place in the annual Will Cotton cake baking contest. She made an amazing Valentine cake that had light fluffy layers of banana and coconut cream cheese frosting, topped with home colored organic coconut. Yum!! Clearly the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Recently Martha purchased a pony for her grandchildren as they are beginning to ride…my children ride as well, so comparing notes on instructors, barns and the latest horse show is an ongoing conversation. There are so many wonderful activities for children to do today…we are very fortunate.

As I was leaving Martha showed me an exquisite black and white photo of her Mother, she was a great beauty with kind eyes. Exactly like Martha.

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