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Aug 15

Layana Aguilar – Private Fashion Show at the home of Ron Ferri for Women and Fashion Film Fest

If line and design could talk, its very threads would mention the fashion collection of Layana Aguilar. She is Laya-Aguilar photothe featured Project Runway talent who brings new artistry to the scene. Fluid edit was prominent during Ms. Aguilar’s Fall 2015 informal Fashion Show followed with a Trunk Show. She featured twelve bold modern abstract patchwork designs mainly utilizing elegant shades, prints and reinventions of future forward fabrics for high fashion evening looks. Elegant couture styled models (Major Models) floated through the main living room of legendary Artist Ron Ferri and International Decorator Jean Pierre Borg while invited A-listers murmured that it reminded them of the classy Salons of Paris. Each unique runway look magically related, yet uniquely different through this young designer’s vision and inspiration.

Guests included; Jeanine Jeo-Hi Kim, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Adele Nino, Karen Gantz, Anne-Laure, Marilyn & Eloise Santos, Boston Scarlette, Desiree Aryeh, Sky Underwood-Cardili, Sara Kaplan-Johnson, Lynn Shaw, Agnes Beaugendre to name a few and distinguished members of the press.

Highlight colors included: mauve, sand, heather-grey, black, and red–electric blue geometric prints. Fabrics included: mesh, sequin, leather, neoprene, chiffon, wool crepe and wool; some with buckles and gold stud ornamentation. The show stopper was an original white print harness top and periwinkle palazzo Pant Jumpsuit that wowed the guests with a sneak peek at Spring 2016. Overall, outfits were two-toned and patchworks of dual fabrics, cut on the vertical or the diagonal. Aguilar showed an advance on modern design, not wallowing in the familiar for those educated in couture.


“Everything I do is a matter of heart, body and soul. I have learned to understand fashion and its real importance by allowing everything around me to influence my vision as an artist and how I create. Fashion cannot exist alone; life and all that is happening around the world create fashion. As a woman I have learned to design with my emotions and complications. All of my clothes and my prints carry my love, my passion and a little passage of my life”, says Aguilar.The models wore their hair wrapped in double cornrow braids bridging the ear with sleek straight pressed hair by top hair designer Dov Berensweig, owner of Dov Salon-NYC. For Makeup Fall 2015, in particular, there were deep smoky eyes, fluffy eyelashes and chocolate lips by International Beauty Expert Ilana Harkavi.

Debbie Dickinson, Lynn Castrataro, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Boston Scarlette and Michelle-Marie Heinemann

Debbie Dickinson, Lynn Castrataro, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Boston Scarlette and Michelle-Marie Heinemann

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Special post-event thanks to Sponsors, Jeanine Jeo-Hi Kim–Wine and Pellegrino, Ilana Harkavi, Dov Berensweig of Dov Salon, Gregory Vernet of Ricky’s, Elena Kazkova of Pitopia Restaurant, Lynn Shaw – Wine, Dale Noel – Wine, And special thanks to Mr. Ron Ferri and Mr. Jean Pierre Borg for sharing their private home for the show!

Michelle-Marie Heinemann and Ron Ferri

Michelle-Marie Heinemann and Ron Ferri

Layana Aguilar was born in a very small town in Brazil, a place where the coolest families are farmers. After moving to New York, she realized that she loved the fashion business and felt that she had something to say through it. Layana trained and graduated FIT in 2009 and was awarded the Hilton Holis Award for best dress. Her 1st internship was at Oscar de la Renta for two years. She became involved with top independent labels and designers including; Carlos Campos, Wes Gordon and Marchesa. She competed on the reality show Project Runway Season 11 and was one of the runner ups. She showed her first collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2013. She showed first solo presentation during New York Fashion Week Feb/2014. Her first trade show was at the Javit Center with her Spring Summer 2015; her most recent success was designing the first Latin Disney Princess Dress May 2015.

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Her most precious designs are that of her family and becoming a mother to the most beautiful baby boy on June 1

Layana Aguilar, the brand, was established in New York City in 2012. The label focuses on clean and ethical production and supports domestic manufacturing in New York City.
Photo Credit: Miguel Dominguez

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