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Dec 14

Tatiana Platt: Celebrity Mom

CEO and Co-founder of Fame Game and former Senior Executive of AOL, the lovely Tatiana Platt joined me under sunny sky’s on Christmas Eve in Palm Beach to discuss her very hands on role as a Mother to three young children. Certain Mother’s are just fun….roll your sleeves up, get in the sandbox and play fun…and Tatiana is just this! She is uber Mom x three…and I delighted in her talents from hand making beautiful hair bows for her girls to her ultra creative birthday celebrations and filling in for a missing instructor one afternoon and playing soccer with her sons team for a hour!

We here at Old Fashioned Mom are proud to introduce Tatiana Platt as our fourth Celebrity Mother!


1. How would you describe yourself?

Busy! I am a multitasker who juggles a million different things every day. I wake up at 5:45am and usually collapse into bed around 9pm.

Tatiana Platt

2. Please tell us about your children…

I have 3 children: 5, 4 and 3 years old. I didn’t plan on having them so close together, it just happened! And in hindsight, I love how close in age they are and also how close they are in general. My son is the eldest, his name is Fox, and he is very disciplined and organized. He could sit with a Lego set for 2 hours and be happy as a clam. He is now in Kindergarten and loves the challenge. My second child is my daughter Xenia. She is strong, independent, outgoing and a little fashionista. For her 4th birthday, she asked for a vanity table and makeup. My youngest is my other daughter Riva. She is headstrong and fierce (I guess you have to be when you have two older siblings). She easily keeps up with her brother and sister and can even out-scoot them! But she also has an attitude, last week she threw her ballet shoes at her ballet teacher. That one is a little rough around the edges. What I love is they all have their own personalities, their special sparkle and of course their rivalries with each other.

Tatiana Platt

3. How did your family celebrate your first Mothers Day?

We spent the weekend in the Hamptons. It was a gorgeous brisk spring weekend and my son was only 3 months old. I remember talking a long walk with my husband and my son in a bjorn on Flying Point Beach all bundled up.

Tatiana Platt

4. What activities do you and your children enjoy most?

We love outdoor activities, scooting to school, swimming in the ocean and playing at the beach, playing cards and board games, and especially traveling. We do everything together.

Tatiana Platt

5. The benefits of world travel for children has been well documented….what far off places have your children experienced?

In the last year alone, we have been to Italy, Morocco, Mexico and are headed to Costa Rica in a week. The kids love being exposed to new cultures and environments. Many of my friends can’t believe I take my three small children on such long trips, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tatiana Platt

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