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Dec 14

Gillian Hearst Simonds:
Celebrity Mom

Society Editor for Town and Country Magazine Michelle-Marie Heinemann & Gillian Hearst Simons


and great grand daughter of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst…..Fresh faced beauty Gillian Hearst Simonds is marvelously grounded and passionately involved in her children’s lives. Over pear martinis at Bistro Chat Noir on the upper east side, we chatted at length about our children and the importance of routines and structure and how it provides a sense of security and helps them develop self-discipline. Gillian’s devotion to her family and strong commitment to being a positive role model for her daughters embodies what being an Old Fashioned Mom is all about.

We here at Old Fashioned Mom are proud to introduce Gillian Hearst Simonds as our third Celebrity Mother!


1. How would you describe yourself?

I think I’m a confident grounded woman, who’s very in love with her husband and daughters. I enjoy a good challenge, respect hardwork, and appreciate honesty and loyalty. I cherish the time that I get with my friends and family because I know that time is a gift so I try to enjoy every second.

Gillian Hearst Simonds

2. What do you love most about being a Mother?

Watching them grow! every day they are learning something new, I love hearing “mommy” come out of my 18 month old, even at 3 in the morning. With two girls, 18 months old and 5 months old, we are still really only in the early stages of childhood, but it has been amazing. I love watching how excited they get with every new experience from bubbles to Christmas trees. It’s wonderful experiencing and rediscovering the world with them.

Gillian Hearst Simonds

3. Please tell us what a typical day is for you?

I know that having a schedule helps the girls be relaxed and comfortable because they know their routine so the girls get up around 6:30, then there’s breakfast for them and coffee for me and my husband. We play for a bit, then a nap for one or both girls. Harper, the oldest, usually has some sort of morning class followed by lunch at home while we watch an episode of Sophia the First. Nap for both girls from 1230-3ish, then some afternoons Harper has a swim class or we take the girls up to the playroom or on a playdate. A lot of evenings we will take the girls to see a light show set to music because they really enjoy that. Any and all christmas lights are a huge hit right now. Around 5:15 home for dinner and some playtime before bath time, we read some books and bedtime. Around 7 pm everyone is down. When they are napping or asleep I also find time to work as a contributing editor for Town & Country magazine, and do work with Memorial Sloan Kettering Associates Committee, UNICEF Next Generation, New York Botanical Gardens, the High Line, and the Wildlife Conservation Society, which we are in full swing planning the Explorer’s Club party for May 13, 2015. There’s also the charity events and parties that happen around the city, and, of course, date nights with my husband or nights out with friends to catch up.

Gillian Hearst Simonds

4. What activities do you and your children love doing together?

We read a lot. Do puzzles, there’s a gym class, painting and coloring, going to the zoo and the park. In the fall we went apple picking and looked at the changing leaves.

Gillian Hearst Simonds

5. Reading is so important for children, what are some of your favorite books?

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses, Goodnight Moon, My Chincoteague Pony, Good Night New York City, The Night Before Christmas, The Pelican Chorus/Quangle Wangle’s Hat by Edward Lear, Black Beauty (40-page picture-book adaptation by Sharon Lerner.)

Gillian Hearst Simonds

*Gillian is actively involved with Memorial Sloan Kettering Associates Committee, UNICEF Next Generation, New York Botanical Gardens, The High Line and The Wildlife Conservation Society.

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