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Sep 18

A PR Maven’s Top 5 Tips For Building Your Personal Style

First impressions sure do last. And these days, with Instagram and Facebook, the way you present yourself is plastered about the internet for all to see. Own your style and put your best foot forward with these five tips from founder of KHPR, Kiara Horwitz.


Follow the trends, but don’t forget what you love…

I love researching trends and constantly being in the know of “what’s hot right now,” but I always try to stick to who I am by throwing in a dash of my own personal flare, whether it’s a cute piece from the past or a bolder statement color.

[Photo via @tiarawithak]


Don’t be afraid to stand out…

Be loud and bold, I always try to add in an additional touch, maybe its a pair of wild new earrings or a combination of necklaces around my neck. If you’re into all black everything, which, as New Yorker’s we often like – I try to incorporate a red bag or heel with a pop of color!

[Photo via @tiarawithak]


Show off what you’re working with…

No matter your dress size, cup size or height, don’t be afraid to be who you are. I have always been the “little one” among my peers, however I’m not afraid to rock a pair of flats day to night. Especially a sexy pair of Manolos or sneakers that show off my legs in a short dress!

[Photo via @tiarawithak]


Embrace your natural beauty…

I am a huge fan of natural beauty for any day to night look. I’m a firm believer in “less is more” makeup – my go to is some natural tinted moisturizer (Ilia is my new fave), bronzer and a touch of blush. My lashes are always on point and then lastly, yep, I’m a lipstick girl. My favorite fall lip color is an Oxblood color aptly named “Charlotte” by Nars! With this face, doesn’t matter the time of day, it just works!

[Photo via @tiarawithak]


Messy hair don’t care…

Hair is your biggest asset, so rock it! My stylist Kieran McKenna of Kieran McKenna Salon has helped my hair have its own personality. From beachy waves to sleek ballerina buns, my hair shows off who I am as an individual – and for me, sometimes that means being a wild lioness…

[Photo via @tiarawithak]


Written By: guestofaguest

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