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May 16

Warren Buffett: The Giving Pledge

Throughout history, many of the richest of the rich have felt a responsibility to help the less fortunate.

Billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett has taken the call to action a step further by asking billionaires to follow his lead.

By signing The Giving Pledge, created by Buffett, billionaires make a public promise to dedicate most of their wealth to philanthropy.

To date, there have been more than 125 pledgers from around the world, many of them high-profile philanthropists and self-made titans.

Here is are some of the signers:


Pledger: Bill Gates, co-founder, Microsoft

Estimated net worth: Around $81 billion

Pledged to give away: “We have committed the vast majority of our assets to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” wrote the Gateses in their pledge letter.

Charities: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports ending extreme poverty and poor health in developing countries, and is working to help America’s education system.


Pledger: Larry Ellison, co-founder, Oracle

Estimated net worth: Around $51 billion

Pledged to give away: “I put virtually all of my assets into a trust with the intent of giving away at least 95 percent of my wealth to charitable causes,” wrote Ellison in his pledge letter.

Charities: The Ellison Medical Foundation’s mission is to research and prevent age-related diseases and disabilities.



Pledge: Michael Bloomberg, founder, Bloomberg LP

Estimated net worth: Around $35 billion

Pledged to give away: “… I am enthusiastically taking The Giving Pledge, and nearly all of my net worth will be given away in the years ahead or left to my foundation.”

Charities: Bloomberg Philanthropies donates to a variety of causes, including education, arts, public health, environment and government innovation to improve city life.



Pledger: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook

Estimated net worth: Around $35 billion

Pledged to give away: Most of his wealth

Charities: In 2013, Zuckerberg donated Facebook shares worth just under $1 billion to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


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