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Madame Tussaud pales in comparison to the Living Wax Museum, presented by the 3rd grade at the private Dutchess Day School. Students stood frozen with pride as they became one with their favorite famous American….citing “fun facts” and “historical trivia” in front of a giant paper backdrop.

Old Fashioned Fun was at work, as attendees had to push a button to hear the interesting information, and once pushed it was amazing to learn details of the famous Americans.

Hudson Cornelius Heinemann chose Duke Ellington, the composer, pianist and bandleader. In true Ellington style Hudson sported spectators by A. Testoni and a dapper Merlot wide stripped button down, for his Ellington look.

Ellington’s career spanned 50 years composing masterpieces like “It don’t mean anything, if it ain’t got that swing” and “Prelude to a kiss.” He was a 12 time Grammy award winner and really knew how to get the crowd moving with unique jazz melodies. The project was in true Old Fashioned Mom style as students had to pull a book out of the library and use an encyclopedia to learn about bibliographies.

The Head Mistress, Nancy Hathaway perused each wax figure while other notable Americans included: Amelia Earhart, Edger Allan Poe, Babe Ruth, Arthur Ashe, Betsey Ross, and Sacajawea. “This was a great project, I enjoyed making my backdrop and studying about Duke Ellington. I feel I became more connected with him, as opposed to just googling his name, definitely more interesting to go to the library.” said Hudson Heinemann.



Hudson Heinemann


1934: American jazz pianist, composer and bandleader Duke Ellington (1899 - 1974) smiles as he holds a double bass on his shoulder and a flute in one hand, Hollywood, CA. He is wearing a fedora, a suit, and a scarf around his neck. Ellington and his band were in Hollywood to appear in director Mitchell Liesen's film, 'Murder at the Vanities.' (Photo by Frank Driggs/Frank Driggs Collection/Getty Images)

Duke Ellington


Head Mistress, Nancy Hathaway and 3rd grader Hudson Heinemann


Monte’s Local Kitchen & Tap Room:




Robert Gladstone, Isaac Lazerson, Robert Trump, Michelle-Marie Heinemann, Marie-Claire Gladstone.

This past weekend I dined at Montes in Amenia, New York. It was completely fabulous as the menu offers a wonderful selection “from the farm” “from the sea” and “Montes specials.” I ordered the local trout stuffed with mushrooms, risotto and Montes signature tomato sauce…it was perfect and paired beautifully with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from the nicely curated wine list.




The Monte Family has and continues to signify a tradition of gracious hospitality for over a century, beginning in 1906 with the founding of Monte’s Venetian Room in Brooklyn, NY.

Monte’s Venetian Room was founded by Angelo and Philomena Montemarano, two Italian immigrants who met, fell in love, and continued to strive together both personally and professionally their whole lives through. During the Great Depression, Angelo, Philomena and their seven sons were forced to move into an apartment above Monte’s Venetian Room when they lost most of their real estate holdings. When Prohibition was made Constitutional, Monte’s Venetian Room became a ‘Speakeasy’ with a password required for entry. World War II broke out and brought six of the seven brothers into the military, with one staying behind to run the business. All of the brothers made it home safely after the war only to be handed aprons after 3 days of “vacation” and were put to work.  

Through this, the Monte family stuck together and moved forward to purchase and manage the iconic Gurney’s Inn in Montauk, NY, while unofficially adopting the Sly and the Family Stone song, ‘We are Family’ as a personification of their own. That on-premise, responsible family management was just a continuation of the values and gracious hospitality that were handed down from the family founders, Angelo and Philomena.

From the days of sawdust on the floors in Brooklyn, to the wide, white sandy beaches of Montauk, the Monte Family has lived and worked through every important local, national, and international event including the Great Depression, Prohibition, two World Wars, the Hippy Generation/British Invasion, the man on the moon and so many more. In every case, important events dictated special circumstances that had to be dealt with and adjusted to in order to survive. Through these times, the Monte family was able to provide flexibility to manage these changes, yet they continued to embrace a stable sense of hospitality that helped many individuals cope with the stressors that the ever changing times would bring.

Today, the Montes have reinvented themselves in the Hudson Valley of New York with the advent of Monte’s Local Kitchen & Tap Room in Amenia. This more recent development in the long historical legacy of the Monte Family came about in 2014 when Ann Marie Pallan, one of the third generation siblings, found a location in Amenia, NY that so closely resembled the original Monte’s building in Brooklyn. Ann Marie was so taken aback that she immediately called her brothers and sisters to come up to the Hudson Valley to see for themselves. Shortly thereafter, the seeds were sown for the birth of a new entity to be called Monte’s Local Kitchen & Tap Room. Subsequetly, a partnership was formed between the Monte family and Dafna Mizrahi, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and now General Manager and Executive Chef, to continue the tradition of hospitality for future generations to come.

From our family to yours, it is assured that you will always feel at home with us. To many more generations and years of hospitality to come- enjoy!


image1 (1)

image6image2 (1)

Monte’s is a great place to have fresh delicious food, relaxed conversation and even live music on Friday nights!!!!


(845) 789-1818


3330 NY-343,

Amenia, NY 12501



The tri-state area’s biggest, most exciting, most electrifying Halloween event returns for a delightful 30 nights in 2015!

See more than 7,000 individually hand-carved, illuminated jack o’ lanterns in this elaborate walk through experience. Meander through an historic, 18th-century riverside landscape and discover a breathtaking display — all made of jack o’ lanterns!

Find your favorite constellations and get star struck walking through the Pumpkin Planetarium. Squeal with excitement as the Circus Train rolls into town featuring a cast of colorful clowns and awesome animals. Flying pumpkin ghosts will draw your eye to the sky, and don’t miss Sleepy Hollow Country’s most iconic inhabitant, the Headless Horseman!

Witness the incredible sight of gourd-filled Jack-in-the-Boxes springing up and bouncing around. See slithering snakes, a giant spider web, and go gaga over shrunken Little Monsters. Gaze in amazement at a working doomsday grandfather clock.

A giant sea serpent adds some hiss to the Undersea Aquarium while comical, squash-eating Venus pumpkin traps sprout in the garden. Blaze’s perennially popular Jurassic Park includes a triceratops, a pterodactyl, a brontosaurus, and a T-Rex!

Come gawk at more jack o’lanterns than ever before. Tens of thousands of visitors experienced last year’s Blaze®, which was sold out EVERY NIGHT! Complete with sound effects, elaborate synchronized lighting and an all-original soundtrack by recording artist Richard Christy, this not-to-be-missed spectacle is the area’s most innovative Halloween happening.

Recommended for all ages.

image1Online Tickets

Adults, $20; Children 3-17, $16  (Saturdays $25, $20)
FREE for children under 3 + members


Blaze is handicapped accessible, as there are no stairs to negotiate through the installation. However, there are some narrow and slightly sloped brick paths and it is a walk-through experience along uneven, unpaved, soft-surface terrain. Handicapped parking is available, but your car must display a handicapped placard or plate.

Also Oct. 2-4, 9-12, 21-31, Nov. 1, 5-8, 13-15 The tri-state area’s biggest, most electrifying Halloween event returns for 30 delightful nights in 2015!

web site:

Hudson House Inn #3

Hudson House Inn

Hudson House Inn #5

A delightful lunch…..

Hudson House is located on the serene waterfront in the village of Cold Spring, N.Y. …I love this area as my country house is nearby and there is so much to do and see. On a beautiful sunny day it is so nice to sit on the porch and have a delicious meal and watch the River boats pass by on the majestic Hudson River.

The Hudson House River Inn in Cold Spring Aug. 1, 2007. (Rory Glaeseman / The Journal News )

The Hudson House River Inn in Cold Spring

Hudson House Chopped Salad with Sashimi Tuna #6

Hudson House Chopped Salad with Sashimi Tuna

Hudson House offers thoughtfully prepared dishes that are extremely fresh and the service is impeccable. The culinary team is led by executive chef John Guererro and some of my favorites include the Hudson House chopped salad with sashimi tuna, the mozzarella and beefsteak tomato, the vegetable spring roll and the apple strudel with French vanilla ice cream.

Hudson House Inn

Hudson and Michelle-Marie Heinemann with friends Michael Chadwick and Jesse Peterson.

My son loves the sweet tea that is perfectly iced and served in a mason jar……the cocktail list is quite impressive and I thoroughly enjoyed my raspberry mojito!

Fresh Mozzarella and Beefsteak Tomato

Fresh Mozzarella and Beefsteak Tomato

vegetable spring rolls

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Apple Strudel with French vanilla ice cream

Apple Strudel with French vanilla ice cream

Cold Spring Living

Cold Spring Living

Hudson House is a must if you are in the area….

Hudson House River Inn
2 Main Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516